BEWARE! What happens when we go up against a FORCE OF NATURE? WE ARE LIVING THE REALITY OF THE FORCES OF NATURE…What do you think is happening to the world? What would you call a world on fire, while record floods rage. And the human animal being overwhelmed by YOUR OWN CHOICES. Now you see one pandemic after another.

WAKE UP! Can’t you see what you are doing to your children and your world? Look at what you are doing to women? How do you go backwards while the world moves ever onward?
WE gave birth to you. WE raised you, healed you when you were in pain. WE dried your tears. WE bathed you. WE cleaned you when you messed your pants. WE soothed you, nurtured you. WE introduced you to the world, while protecting you from it. WE fed your body and mind.

So, why have you made us your enemy? Are you so afraid of the hand that raised you and loved you?…Love you still?

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