If you have a mental disorder such as depression, an anxiety or personality disorder, bipolar disorder, PTSD, etc.  If you find yourself confused by the times – you are in good company.  Dickens said it well: “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.”

We are almost two years into the pandemic. And while some question the life-saving vaccines, at this point we are seeing real progress. The numbers are finally trending down.  So, what lessons did the past 2 years provide?

  • We yet live!
  • In some ways we are closer to one another: We help others who may have greater needs, like those with no home, the elderly, our children
  • We are learning to deal with HATE.  WOW!  Really.  Who would have thought that life-saving medical (science) services would be so controversial?
  • Who would have thought a small piece of paper (face mask)  could cause incredible anger and threats to public officials
  • We are dealing with powerful emotions; even stronger than our  emotional swings.
  • And, WE YET LIVE!

But we must address the emotion of our time.  First thing to know, all this angst going around affects us more powerfully than the average person.  The reason is that we already have an emotional disorder that has sensitized us to energy, especially those with a LOUD MENTAL VOICES.  Emotions that are discordant like anger, hate, vindictiveness, fear – especially fear.  Fear is opposite of love.

Love is The Light, The Force

Fear is The Darkness, Dark side of the Force

When we look at the insurrection, we have hours of video showing anger, hate and violence.  This was FEAR acting out.  And FEAR acting out is unstable.  It could change at a moment’s notice.  Fear seeks to release its dark intensity on others.

Makes you look differently at these news-makers, doesn’t it?  Listen to them, the ones in suits as well.  For it is the ‘suits’ who strategize, wind up their unstable, but obedient troops, and set them free on the rest of us.

Important to note:  All of this discord is based on LIES.  Lies are a powerful poison to our minds, minds that are vulnerable.

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