Tis the Season

This is a challenging time. It can be frenetic with all the holiday activity around us. And when you are sensitive (no judgment here) you are more likely to stress out. It is the energy all around. Think of the difference in energy when you are shopping at this time of year, verses walking on a beach. This can apply anywhere that crowds gather – meetings, concerts, churches, etc. We are like sponges. We absorb what is around us. And when bombarded by negative energy we don’t handle it very well.

So, how can we counter that negative (dark) energy? Have a plan. Avoid these negative energy gathering places. If you cannot avoid them (like a holiday gathering of family or friends), prepare. Not all holiday gatherings are negative, but they can be overwhelming.

Plan to spend a short time (20-30 minutes) at the gathering and stick as close to your planned time as possible. This gives a feeling of control over your environment.

Do not allow yourself to get pulled into political or emotional sparring. If this starts, politely remove yourself from the situation.

*If you are alone at the holidays, make the most of it. Many people caught in family disputes would gladly trade places. This is the time to take good care of yourself. (We will spend more time on this in blog posts to come.)

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