The Philosopher King

Plato first introduced the concept of the “Philosopher King” in his Utopia. Spinoza would take up the cause a few thousand or so years later. The Philosopher King rules with Science. In other words, rules with facts; not fiction, not lies, not opinions. Facts! The Philosopher King has earned his/her way up the ladder of public service, gaining knowledge and experience as they go. The Philosopher King must NEVER COME FROM THE MERCHANT CLASS. For their interest is selfish, avaricious and not in the interest of the whole.

The Philosopher King rules with wisdom gained through study, thought and experience. They SERVE.

SERVICE is a term to recon with. To be of service is a mindset, a way of life. It is, ideally, selfless. It is the use of resources for the betterment of the whole. Service implies other-oriented action to improve and move forward the whole, the culture/society. Service is the hidden tool of human evolution.

Everything vibrates; nothing rests. It is simply a matter of what level on which to vibrate. WE HAVE CHOICE. Low vibration brings decay and death. The higher the vibration, the more forward motion (progress) is made.

Thoughts vibrate, low or high or anywhere on the spectrum. The vibration attracts manifestations. We are not sole creators; we are co-creators. Our contribution to creation comes through/manifests from our thoughts. Fact: Lower thoughts manifest lower actions and events. The higher vibration of thought, the more positive the manifestation. LOVE IS THE HIGHEST VIBRATION.

All of this relates. Our thoughts and feelings (the fuel for our thoughts) bring our ideas into fruition. Look at the chaos unfolding. Then move backward to the thoughts that create the chaos. THERE IS A DIRECT LINE FROM THOUGHT TO MANIFESTATION. Lies create the chaos; lies with direct authorship of chaos. Follow the bouncing ball.

The closest our democracy has come to The Philosopher King is now. President Joe Biden IS the manifestation of the Philosopher King. He has been in public service his whole life. He was fully prepared to serve as president when elected (really!) in 2020. He is brilliant, empathetic, wise and a good man. We are blessed to have him as president of the United States of America.

I have faith in the American people. They will not allow THE CONMAN to return. His long con continues to unfold with the fuel coming from the MONIED CLASS (the top .1%). It has always been their interest that the rest of us serve them. They see themselves as the Masters; the rest of us merely their servants. Ass-backwards! This is our history. And our democracy will prevail in the only way it can: through the people, our greatest natural resource.

To The Philosopher King!

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