The Mental/Emotional LOOP

Did you know that Emotion follows Thought?  So, when feeling depressed, the question is: What are you thinking?  If your thinking is from fear or hate, you are courting disaster.  If your thinking is confused, you must seek out healing.

Emotion Follows Thought.  What are you thinking?  This is the question to ALWAYS ask ourselves. Often we confuse emotions for thoughts and that causes more whole body chaos.

Vibration:  It always, always, comes down to vibration.

How does it feel when you are excited about something?  How does it feel when you are anxious?  Those feelings are vibrations.  And “like attracts like.” Our primary task is to get control of our thoughts, which change our vibration, our emotions and our state of wellness, or lack.

Mental Alchemy is our “prescription” for sustained mental health.  Did you ever hear the expression, “garbage in, garbage out”?  It is true.  And it is the reason we need to learn and use Mental Alchemy.

Exercise:  Problem – I’m depressed, been depressed for days.  What am I thinking?  “I have no energy. I’m in bed all day.  I feel small, irrelevant, useless.”  Antidotes – Go for the GOLD!  Imagine happy.  What do you feel?  Relaxed, excited, hopeful…  What’s in the noggin?  Thoughts of reaching out beyond self? Cultivate this thought.  Thoughts of hope?  What would say to your best friend if they felt hopeless?  Now, say it to the best friend you could ever have, yourself!

Then, write down these thought of hope, wellness, caring – and repeat everyday, several times a day (upon awakening and before sleep are power times.). Do this everyday.  Smile when you say them.  Feel them deeper and deeper…and smile.  I carry a small notebook with strong and positive thoughts/emotions.  I add to them as needed.  I can scan them and practice anytime – grocery store line, bank line. These positive thoughts, with emotion & anticipation, change and improve your vibration and your life.

”Fake it till you make it.”  It is your embracing of positive thoughts, and their feelings, on a repeated basis that lifts your vibration.  Consistency is your best friend.


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