Spiritual or Delusional: You Decide

The Times Have Found Us   (Nancy Pelosi)

We have been in a pandemic for a year.  How are you coping?  What kinds of changes have you made and how’s it working for you?

I’ve had a recent triumph,  I’m back on the stationary bike, regularly.  Not quite every day.  I’m up to 20 minutes.  There is nothing, not even my lithium, that lifts my mood like 20 minutes on the bike.  I definitely recommend some kind of exercise.  You know, it really does save your sanity in an insane time.

It is important to remind ourselves that everything happens for a reason.  Even when the reason isn’t clear, eventually truth will be known.  But in the mean time, we deal with events the best we can.  No one could ask more.

I recently heard someone say, it is not what happens to you, it’s how you deal with it, the choices you make, that matter.  It is how we deal with it, whatever “it” might be.  Right now the focus is a worldwide pandemic.  We are all experiencing the same reality.  It is changing our world.  More and more people contribute their time and resources toward helping others get through this rough time.  In many ways, this crisis is bringing people together.

It is extraordinary to live through these times.  The world was quieter for a time.  Nature is raging with storms and low temperatures.  Many of us or our family are affected.

We always have choice.  To live in truth or illusion.  And truth is a spiritual path.  Lies (gotta call them what they are) are pipe dreams, delusions.

And how we want this pandemic story to end is up to each of us.  Choose wisely cause the times are a changing.

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