So Long, Goodbye, Good Riddance 2020👋🏼👋🏾👋🏿

Say Goodbye To:

Lies – being the preferred language of this president and his administration, including: 👋🏼

Stupid Health Advice – face masks are not a political statement! They actually protect you and others.😷 Masks are patriotic!  When our country has been in times of crisis, we have been asked to “help the cause.”  In World War II, sugar, coffee and meat were rationed.  The nation understood it was a shared sacrifice, a Patriotic Duty, to cooperate for the country’s good.  Now, in 2020, there is no sense of duty, only whining from the president and his followers. 👋🏿

We, in the mental health community, whether patient or practitioners, have had a particularly difficult year.  We were struggling with depression long before lock-downs due to Coronavirus.  Trying to remain healthy, mentally and physically, is a big challenge for us. 🏋🏽

This is a time when we all need a little help.  Here is a resource.  It is about hope and help.  They are there for us when we most need it.  Take advantage of this resource.  Use it if you are alone and depressed.  Use it if you need to talk to someone, someone who will not judge you, someone who has been there.  And please, please use it if you are feeling hopeless, thinking of ending your life. The people who staff the helplines are volunteers.  They have been in your shoes and they will listen – no judgment. 💝

Veterans, this line can help. 🇺🇸

Please, do not let fear or pride keep you from seeking help. We are all right here with you and for you.  You are not alone!  💫🧸

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