Emotional Blender

I’m dealing with a familiar dilemma: mixed emotions. Which one must express? Is it the stress or the depression, or maybe both, kind of like a compound sentence. But the emotions compete with each other, Which one can cause me more grief? The strongest one takes center stage. So that would be depression. And what of the other emotions? They don’t just go away. You know what it’s like? It’s like the lead singer and the back up singers.

I’m choosing to see it that way. And when I think of them I make them into a parody, “Big D and the Blue Notes.” Now, I know how serious and awful it is, being stressed and anxious and depressed. That is the very reason I trivialize them, make fun of them. IT TAKES AWAY THEIR POWER! And puts me in more control over myself and my choices.

It’s so important to know that we have some power, some control, so TAKE IT. Don’t be a shrinking violet (old expression).

I’ve learned a thing or two on this journey. One of the greatest lessons is to honor self. When we honor ourselves we make better decisions. And we begin feeling stronger. That can make all the difference.

This is an aspect of Mental Alchemy. It’s called induced emotions. This is ancient stuff. When we induce feelings of care, compassion, love for ourselves the darkness of depression gives way. The more we practice, the longer we can induce these positive emotions. It may begin with a few minutes, and then, with practice, we can go for longer periods of time.

Induced emotion is only the beginning. As we more forward transforming negative, harmful thoughts into positive, empowering thoughts, we transform lead into gold…golden thoughts.

And this is Mental Alchemy. We will get more of a taste for it in future posts. So, stay tuned…….


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