Cycles 🌑🌝 Night and Day

“You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here.” (The Desiderata by Max Ehrman). This is my favorite poem. It has helped me through many dark times (cycles).

Everything in nature operates in cycles: the seasons, monthly cycles of the moon, fertility, birth, death, and us – people.

Those of us with bipolar disorder are often held hostage by cycles. Depression has cycles as well. PTSD often cycles once an event or sound triggers us, the same with anxiety. We are not immune, because we are a part of nature.  It is hard to believe sometimes, but all people cycle with their moods. To accept this premise is to recognize how connected we really are.

In the coming posts we shall explore Mental Alchemy and how we can utilize its power to change cycles, to bring harmony where there is discord, to create rather than destroy. Mental Alchemy gives us the power to have control of our cycles and take our lives back.  An added bonus: MA (Mental Alchemy) improves our lives in every way; mentally, spiritually and physically.

Until next time…

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