So Long, Goodbye, Good Riddance 2020👋🏼👋🏾👋🏿

Say Goodbye To: Lies – being the preferred language of this president and his administration, including: Stupid Health Advice – face masks are not a political statement! They actually protect you and others. Masks are patriotic!  When our country has been in times of crisis, we have been asked to “help the cause.”  In World …

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Tis the Season

This is a challenging time. It can be frenetic with all the holiday activity around us. And when you are sensitive (no judgment here) you are more likely to stress out. It is the energy all around. Think of the difference in energy when you are shopping at this time of year, verses walking on …

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ow do you know if you are depressed or just experiencing a ‘low mood’? Ask yourself the following questions: 1. How long has this ‘low mood’ lasted? Everyone has periods of lower energy, lower moods; part of the human experience. But if it is long lasting – that is a RED FLAG. In other words, …


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