🧘🏽‍♀️ It’s All About 🧘‍♂️ Vibration 🧘🏿

Do you know why meditation has lasted thousands of years?  It raises vibration.  Meditation quiets our mind.  That is the real value of meditation.  Because when our minds are quiet…the static leaves.  What is left behind?

Think of a radio.  Adjusting the dial, we hear static, noise, until we find a Chanel with strong enough signal to catch the content.  Then we can adjust the radio to choose the station we want.

This is VIBRATION/FREQUENCY.  And, this is Alchemy.  Our minds are the radio.  Most often, our “radio” is constant static, noisy and directionless.  YakityYak!  YakityYak.  When we choose a “station” it is often directed by fear, or anger.  These are the loudest emotions.

These loud emotions lower our vibration.  Keep following this path at our peril.  For here lay depression, hopelessness, disregard for self and others.  This is the PIT.

The only way out of the PIT:  We have to elevate our vibration.  And to do this we must change our thinking.  That is MENTAL ALCHEMY.

The good news is that Mental Alchemy comes with a set of instructions.  We have a guide, a map that leads us OUT of Chaos and into Harmony.  The ancients left us this map with instructions.  In future posts, we will “play” with Mental Alchemy and use it for our own mental health.

Good Vibrations!  Stay tuned…

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