What Crazy On Steroids Looks Like 🧟‍♂️

We in the mental heath community know what Crazy looks like. And, yes, the leader of the free world has shown Crazy before. But, now his CRAZY is on STEROIDS.

Where are the grown-ups?

Every one of us know that Crazy needs help. Whenever Crazy pokes its head up, we need for someone (who knows what they are doing) to step in to help us touch back down to earth.

But, who helps the president? Medical professionals diagnose him as narcissistic, pathological liar, even a psychopath. Many believe that the prognosis is dire. Narcissists, Psychopaths do not get better, they only get worse.

Enter Coronavirus. Among the medical cocktails, he receives Steroids. Oy Vey!

Just ask anyone with a mental illness diagnosis or those who treat us, you know, the medical pros. Steroids, especially big doses, give a manic high. They give the feeling of euphoria, invincibility.

One thing guaranteed: Can’t stay on steroids for very long. They are very powerful for healing. But long term use is very dangerous.

Most disturbing is the president’s behavior towards others. The White House is now a “hot spot” and the president is a SUPER SPREADER!

Intervention, please!