The Most Important Friendship of Your Life 💆‍♂️✨💆🏼‍♂️✨💆🏽‍♂️✨💆🏿‍♂️✨💆🏻‍♂️

If I told you that the most important friendship of your life is with your mind, would you disagree or agree?

You may say: ‘But I am my mind.’  or,

’Sounds like New Agey talk.’ or,

’There’s more to me than my mind.’

There is more to us than our mind, but our mind runs the show. Our heart/soul may be in conflict with our mind.  When this happens, as with most conflicts, nothing positive happens. It is a state of ‘paralysis.’ It is indecision; yes-no, yes-no…(which is in itself, decision).

Enter Mental Alchemy. Mental Alchemy blends our various parts – heart/soul, mind AND the physical world.  Mental Alchemy is so powerful that it creates our world, whether we realize it or not. Look around you. What have you created thus far? Are you living the life you want? Or do you feel trapped in a life that does not reflect your idea of yourself and does not contain much happiness?

Mental Alchemy is the heart and soul of The Formula. I introduce it as the most powerful avenue to mental health. But here, in this blog, I want to show how Mental Alchemy may be instrumental in improving every aspect of our lives: mental, physical and personal; As within, so without.

We begin with the Sun, our Sun in our personal astrology chart. It represents the ego (the spark of divinity).  It leads the Power Urges/Thoughts.  If it is conflicted, we are conflicted in our vision of ourselves. We may find ourselves indecisive. What do we really want?  Best place to start is with where we are, now, at this moment.  Besides, it is the only moment we have.

How is your confidence level? Do you believe you can make positive change in your life? That is the domain of the Sun. In ancient alchemy, the goal was to turn lead into gold. In Mental Alchemy, your Sun is your potential spiritual gold. And that is how you must treat it. There is no other element to use to change or improve your Sun. It is the Sun itself we must develop. In other words, to create a healthy self-image, to become more decisive and create the life of our dreams, it all begins with fortifying our Sun.

Affirmations can work like ‘magic,’ if applied with understanding.  I find the best first steps in Mental Alchemy begin with actions. The words, Affirmations, added to the action equal magic.

To use your Sun, to work with it, extend yourSelf.  Literally reach out, beyond your comfort zone, to be of service to others.  Being of service does not need to be a career choice to be effective and very important to your life and to others.

I recently read a post stating something to the effect that a person was asking (God) what their purpose in life was. The answer was, if you helped a person today, that was your purpose.  If you saved a cat/dog from abuse, that was your purpose. If you gave up your seat on the subway to an elderly person, that was your purpose, and on and on.

It is in giving that we receive, from the prayer of St. Francis, is Mental Alchemy perfection!

Every day do 1 kind thing for another. Do it until it becomes habit.  Your thinking will change, I promise you.


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