Michelle Obama on Depression

Do you know what ‘low-grade depression’ is?  The former First Lady, Michelle Obama spoke of it recently, referencing herself.  She is highly accomplished and dearly admired and loved. And, yes, Michelle Obama is dealing with depression.  She cited the quarantine as well as the pain of rampant racism and the hypocrisy of this administration.  And she is right.

It feels heavy and burdensome, sad, hopeless.

We are living in extraordinary times.  Everyone is having difficulty coping.  Due to a lack of leadership, purposeful sabotage and willful ignorance on the part of our government, we are in a state of chaos.

It is this lack of cohesion in response to the pandemic that plummets our nation into a state of DEPRESSION.  With the current anti-science mindset of the government, we feel alone, at the mercy of incompetence.

WE ARE NOT ALONE.  One of the best ways to deal with depression is to take action.  Informed action empowers us.  It is the antidote.  We benefit greatly when we reach outside of ourselves in service.  We are in this together.

So, you say, how do we reach out to others during this Pandemic?  Social media can be be helpful, if we can navigate the politics.  Be selective … always.  Do not be pulled in by fear or hate or division.

BREAKING NEWS:  Joe Biden just announced his VP pick:  Kamala Harris!

There is HOPE in our country today!  Voting is important to our wellbeing in a Democracy.  It is more important to our mental health to take action. Voting is just that: Action.

Vote like your life depends on it…because it does!  🇺🇸