Head Above Water 🐬

We are living in Epic times. There is an out-of-control pandemic and a presidential election.  Normally, our country could effectively handle these challenges.  But we are not in normal times.  So, how can we keep our heads above water?

Be still.  Go within to that quiet place.  Use our greatest tool: Mental Alchemy.

If you are overly emotional right now, use the magic word: STOP!  I have found that one little word works wonders.

If you find yourself moving into psychosis – and, yes, we know when that is happening.  But our ‘voice of reason’ is but a mere whisper. STOP!  Scream it in your head.  Then take a deep breath.  It works.  Then we have to follow that with action.  When moving into psychosis, we have choice. STOP! Follow up by getting the help you need. It is very, very important to realize that we temporarily stop our progression into psychosis.  But professional help is needed to reverse course.

Excellent mantras:

Be still, and know that I am God.

That was then, this is now, and everything has changed.

This too shall pass!

☔️   🌈