Depression during the Pandemic

We are all on lock-down. Those of us who suffer chronic depression know all too well what lock-down feels like. We regularly stay within our homes when our depression is active. Our home is our salvation. The rest of our population needs to take a lesson here.

When your country is threatened by a pandemic and you are ordered to stay at home, it is your humanitarian, patriotic duty to stay at home. Your Constitutional Rights are not being violated.

We are literally in a state of emergency. It is our duty to our country and fellow citizens to do all we can to contribute to the healing of our country.

So, what can lock-down offer? As one who has had lots of interior time, I recommend the following daily healing practices.

– Stop whining! And grow up! This quarantine is not personal. The world is bigger than you. But you can cause a lot of damage by gathering in groups. You put yourself and your family in grave danger.

– Give thanks that you and your loved ones are alive and well in such dangerous times. And keep giving thanks! We in the U.S. are so very blessed. Start listing your blessings – every day. It may surprise you to see just how blessed you are. Get basic: Clean, running water, a roof over your head, food to nourish you, access to excellent healthcare (even at this time). Not every American has clean water to drink, or nourishing food, a home or healthcare.

– READ: Start reading if it is not a habit. Start with something very entertaining like the Harry Potter books. It expands your world.

– If you are physically able, help others. If going to grocery store, ask elderly family or neighbor if you can pick up groceries for them.

Be creative with your time and energy.  Create your own silver lining.  Mother Nature is healing the planet.  Animals are thriving.


Be well!


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