May 7, 2021

Did you know that Emotion follows Thought?  So, when feeling depressed, the question is: What are you thinking?  If your thinking is from fear or hate, you are courting disaster.  If your thinking is confused, you must seek out healing. Emotion Follows Thought.  What are you thinking?  This is the question to ALWAYS ask ourselves….

February 23, 2021

Do you know why meditation has lasted thousands of years?  It raises vibration.  Meditation quiets our mind.  That is the real value of meditation.  Because when our minds are quiet…the static leaves.  What is left behind? Think of a radio.  Adjusting the dial, we hear static, noise, until we find a Chanel with strong enough…

February 17, 2021

The Times Have Found Us   (Nancy Pelosi) We have been in a pandemic for a year.  How are you coping?  What kinds of changes have you made and how’s it working for you? I’ve had a recent triumph,  I’m back on the stationary bike, regularly.  Not quite every day.  I’m up to 20 minutes….

December 24, 2020

Say Goodbye To: Lies – being the preferred language of this president and his administration, including: 👋🏼 Stupid Health Advice – face masks are not a political statement! They actually protect you and others.😷 Masks are patriotic!  When our country has been in times of crisis, we have been asked to “help the cause.”  In…