Anxiety and Depression in the Age of Coronavirus

I want to share something I learned today. A medical doctor in Hawaii had the C-19 virus and survived. He talked about what it was like having the virus. He said there were times of high fever and the accompanying hallucinations. It was surreal, not knowing what was happening. But it was also very pleasant. Then the good feelings stopped and he moved into a deep depression. He said he called crisis lines because his state of mind was perilous. And the illness lasted a while. He is now back at work, this time on the other side of the virus, helping others who are suffering.

If you ever felt alone in your illness, you are not. If you become overwhelmed by dark thoughts, you have plenty of company.

Our world has become much smaller. The differences between people these days measured more by wellness vs. illness.

If you are able to reach out (online, perhaps) and help another, help them. None of us will be the same on the other side of this. It is our choice how we want to get through it and what we want to see looking back on it.

Our souls never had more fertile ground for growth!

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