Minneapolis is on fire. Another black man dead at the hands of white police officers. The murder is captured on tape for all to see. This causes mass anxiety and fear.

BTW: We are still into the Coronavirus, over our heads.

So what effect does this have on our mental health? Most of us are still quarantined. Masks are worn in public by saner folk. But there is fear and anxiety throughout our country. Cities are on fire. How are we supposed to deal with it all?

1. Breathe! Truly, take a few slow, deep breaths and relax.
2. Get out into nature. Using social guidelines (they really are effective) take a walk. It’s Spring! Notice, really notice the trees, flowers, the smell of grass. Let your mind linger. Release stress. Relax.
3. Listen to easy music like classical or jazz.
4. Watch funny movies. Laugh!
5. We Yet Live! Enjoy your life!

Remember friends, this too shall pass. How do you want to remember your response, your actions getting through it?